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Seems strange to say that… or that just NOW I am finally getting around to putting up my own name site, after having been here for years.

Blogs! Don’t ya love ’em? Well you all love mine so much I never got around to putting up the “official” Daylynne Site. I had been wondering what I would put on here that I didn’t, or couldn’t put on the Blog.

Here’s what you can look forward to: Concentrated teachings. Instead of just one post or two on a subject, given in uneven time frames, each subject matter about marketing will have a continuity and more complete coverage.
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Who is Daylynne Starr?

There are 3 kinds of people in the world:

2. Those that WATCH Things Happen…
3. Those that sit around and SAY “What Happened?”

Daylynne Starr is the kind of lady that MAKES THINGS HAPPEN. She is an award winning author, business woman, entrepreneur and prominent Internet marketer. Listed in Who’s Who of Professional and Executive Women for her success and Awards as a renowned developer and builder and successful businesswoman, she brings her expertise in business to the Internet.

She has developed many products for successful money-making home businesses. One of the highly successful products she wrote and developed is, Ten Products You Can Make in a Day, A best-selling E-book..

She has received several Internet Marketing awards for her work on the Internet, and has run many successful large Giveaway Events and Swap Events.

You can see her latest products and articles on her Blog

You are now dealing with a “Who”…

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The Money is in The List…Really

Money in the ListIf you are struggling to grow a small list of subscribers into a real good sized list you probably hear “The Money Is In the List” many times each day.

Would you like to scream now? Go ahead! (lol)

The truth of the matter, the “money,” your online income, IS contained in your list. Statistics have proven over and over again, that repeat customers are the life blood of any business, either online or off.

Here is the real secret why the money is in the list because repeat customers are a necessary part of every business. The real “secret” is YOU! NO, I’m not being funny, but down to earth serious!
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