The Money is in The List…Really

Money in the ListIf you are struggling to grow a small list of subscribers into a real good sized list you probably hear “The Money Is In the List” many times each day.

Would you like to scream now? Go ahead! (lol)

The truth of the matter, the “money,” your online income, IS contained in your list. Statistics have proven over and over again, that repeat customers are the life blood of any business, either online or off.

Here is the real secret why the money is in the list because repeat customers are a necessary part of every business. The real “secret” is YOU! NO, I’m not being funny, but down to earth serious!

Here’s how it works. Have you ever noticed something about yourself, how you will usually go back to the same businesses over and over for your own shopping? People will always buy from someone they know before buying from a stranger (whenever presented with that option). And will definitely buy from a friend before a stranger.

We recognize Brands, store names, chain establishments, in their own way they become that “friend” to us. We are familiar with their reputation, and the service or product they produce, so we buy from them over and over.

It’s no different online. I’ve been marketing online for quite a while now. I personally know many of the top marketers, many of us “came up through the ranks together.” I will always look at their products and buy their products before I will buy from a name I’ve never heard of before. Statistics prove that you will too.

What does all that have to do with list building? Plenty! Well, not exactly Plenty… but Everything! Your list in not your personal ATM machine! You want that list to be a list of your friends, and preferably friends who have bought from you before.

You want people to get to know you, when they get to know you, you want them to get to like you, then when they know you and like you, they will begin to trust you, and trust your judgment and recommendations. It’s then that they will buy from you.

Naturally, everyone will be a first time customer at one time, but what I am talking about here, is a continuing business relationship. Then, truly the money will be in your list, a steady flow of buyers who will repeatedly purchase products from you.

Beware though, if you bombard them repeatedly with nothing but sales letters, you might find out how fickle those ‘friends’ can be and how fast they find that unsubscribe button.

How to build that strong positive relationship with your list in order to monetize your list to the fullest will be the subject of subsequent articles here on my List Building Secrets Blog.

If you subscribe to my list here, you’ll not only get that great report on mistakes not to make, but you will be notified when new articles are posted here. I welcome your comments too.

Daylynne Starr

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