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Seems strange to say that… or that just NOW I am finally getting around to putting up my own name site, after having been here for years.

Blogs! Don’t ya love ’em? Well you all love mine so much I never got around to putting up the “official” Daylynne Site. I had been wondering what I would put on here that I didn’t, or couldn’t put on the Blog.

Here’s what you can look forward to: Concentrated teachings. Instead of just one post or two on a subject, given in uneven time frames, each subject matter about marketing will have a continuity and more complete coverage.

Referrals on those subjects. There will be links and places to find more about the subject matter being covered.

Feedback and discussions. While Comments are wonderful and greatly appreciated, your participation in discussing the subject will be encouraged to cover things in a fuller more relaxed venue.

News and new offerings. When something interesting and/or a need-to- know happens, I will try to cover it here. Plus announcements of events, webinars or new product launches.

Starting out, I picked for the first subject to start covering would be

List Building everyone needs a list, and everyone needs to learn not only how to build one, but how to treat them too.

In my new category, is the phrase list building and contains a few of the articles you may have already read on my blog…

Glad to have you on-board — and oh yes, you might want to sign up for my list, where I treat you like a human and not an ATM machine… 🙂

Your Marketing Pal,


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